Passing the AWS Advanced Networking - Specialty exam

Passing the AWS Advanced Networking - Specialty exam

Luc van Donkersgoed

After about a 15 months of not getting new AWS certifications, it’s about time to continue my journey to 11 out of 11. I’m currently at six - three associates, two professionals and the security specialty. Next up: Advanced Networking Specialty.

There are a lot of resources on the internet describing what materials to study. However, many of the Advanced Networking Specialty exam reviews found online come back to the same thing; the exam is difficult and you really need practical experience to pass it. The next thing they say is that it’s hard to get practical experience if advanced networking isn’t already your daily work.

That’s why I’ve decided to create my own practical trials and share them here. But before we dive into the exercises, here’s my list of study materials.

Study materials



AWS White Papers

AWS Blogs

AWS Answers

AWS Documentation



I’m sticking to the same order of topics as the Advanced Networking Study Guide. Each topic has a number of exercises, each in their own blog post.

The exercises are built on the assumption that you’re already familiar with the AWS basics and have achieved at least one associate level AWS certification.

Because writing exercises is quite time consuming, I will continue to update this post as new exercises are posted.

Topic 1: Amazon VPC and Networking Fundamentals

Topic 2: Advanced VPC

Topic 3: VPNs

Topic 4: Direct Connect

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 5: DNS and Load Balancing

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 6: CloudFront

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 7: Network Security

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 8: Network Performance

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 9: Automation

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 10: Hybrid Architectures

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 11: Network Troubleshooting

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 12: Billing

  • No exercises yet.

Topic 13: Risk and Compliance

  • No exercises yet.